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Randall Grizzle

Randall Grizzle

Randall Grizzle grew up in a small town in the middle of Idaho. Graduated from a small high school and played football at a small college in Montana. But there is nothing small about Randall. He is a hard worker who has a tremendous love for people. It’s his desire to help others that has propelled his success with his marriage, family and career ambitions.

Randall has always been a hard worker learning trade work within the construction industry. His first taste at working for himself came at the age of 23 when he started a custom concrete and landscape curbing company. After building a construction company, he decided to enter the world of sales. He found opportunity on a sales floor selling business opportunity. Mostly consulting for ebay, but also real estate and option trading coaching. In the beginning, it wasn’t in his comfort zone, but it was a challenge he was willing to dive into head first.

His boss was a young guy who was freshly graduated from USC, where he was captain of the debate team. Randall worked on a floor of 10-15 people, working the ‘boiler room’ style, selling coaching packages for $3k to $15k. He worked at this company for two years before the intensity of the boiler room ran its course.

Although Randall left the company, he took with him a ton of respect for what he learned. Truly believing in what he was learning about the sales process. The potential in the process was there. He knew that he could apply it and be successful in whatever he chose to do.

That is when he met Tom Rich and Russell Brunson, and the DotCom Secrets team. This is where Randall truly got the taste of his ability. At the time, the DotCom sales floor consisted of six people who were struggling to make double digit sales weeks. Randall walked onto the floor, and in his first week closed $18,500. Third week closed $38,500. He consistently closed deals and hit high numbers week after week. With this consistency, it was time for the business to grow. Randall knew a few good guys and brought them onto the DotCom sales floor. It only took a few months to bring the numbers on the floor from the low 20s to over $100k a week. Former Vice President of DotCom Secrets, Tom Rich, stated “during my time at DotCom, the sales floor did just over $10M. Randall was a HUGE part of that number.”

The last three years Randall sold Russell Brunson’s 25k inner circle, filling up 100 spots. Randall has personally closed upwards of $10 million over the phone. That is a lot of credit card numbers. Randall is proof that when you do the work, good things happen. Today Randall leads a team of Closers and his team is doing the sales for some of the top marketers in the world. #gratefulCEO

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