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Raymond Loh

Raymond Loh

International Author, Investor, Entrepreneur, Medical Doctor and World Traveller

Dr Raymond Loh is an author, investor, entrepreneur, accomplished Medical Doctor, enthusiastic volunteer and adventurous world traveller.

He approaches everything he does with an enterprising spirit. That is the foundation of his business accomplishments as well as his successful management of an international investment portfolio containing a range of interests that include properties, funds, currencies etc.

Born in Malaysia, Dr Loh showed early signs of being a well-respected professional and leader. Having begun his public speaking career at age 7 in front of a crowd of more than 300 people, he exudes confidence in any setting. After graduating from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery and Bachelor of Medical Science, Dr Loh began a journey that has shaped his personal life and professional career. That was when he began his lifetime focus on his personal development; through exploring the areas of health, wealth and relationships.

During his university years, Dr Loh relocated to the United Kingdom to conduct medical research on diabetes. It was there that he studied Japanese, adding it to the five languages he speaks fluently: English, Mandarin, Malay, Cantonese (Chinese Dialect) and Hokkien (Chinese Dialect).

Those language skills served him well while he assisted as a medical interpreter in several London hospitals.

He is the author of the ‘Passive Income Riches’ book series. For the past decade, Dr Loh has continued to train, attend and work with other inspirational leaders such as Tony Robbins, Dr John Demartini, Scott Harris and Darren Stephens, just to name a few.

Dr Loh has worked and consulted with thousands of people and has also travelled to over 27 countries, including, New Zealand, Fiji, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, South Korea, the United States, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark and many more.

Dr Loh lives in Melbourne, Australia.

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