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The New Director
Ron Scott

Ron Scott

Ron Scott achieved his first governance role thirty years ago as a member of the University of Waikato Council. He was also a member of that University’s Academic Board.

Today Ron serves on Boards including the Bay of Plenty District Health Board and the Tauranga Energy Consumers Trust (TECT) with combined assets exceeding $1billion and income approaching that figure. He is Managing Director of Stellaris Ltd, a group of businesses that focus on executive education, publishing and business training.

Ron is a committee member of the Institute of Directors in the Bay of Plenty and convener of Judges for the Aspiring Directors Award. Ron holds degrees in economics, geography and history as well as diplomas in business studies and teaching.

In addition to writing The New Director, Ron is the author of numerous articles, educational programs and resources. He has worked in education, merchant banking, business to business and consumer sales and bases his consultancy work on real life experiences as much as his academic background.

He is available for workshops and speaking engagements. Email [email protected] or go to

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