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Outrageous Courage
Rosemary McCallum

Rosemary McCallum

Renowned Speaker, Success Coach, Master Visionary and Creator of the VIAS® business growth system

“Whether you want to grow a business or improve your personal life, everything comes back to our beliefs. They are played out in our habits and actions, every single day of our lives…”

Dr. Rosemary McCallum is regarded by her clients and colleagues as “The Attitude Specialist.” Rosemary is a renowned speaker, success coach, Master Visionary and creator of the VIAS® business growth system who has helped thousands of people to bring their dreams and ambitions to life with her powerful, proven techniques.

Rosemary gives you the scientific know-how and the tangible skills to transform negative self-beliefs and thought patterns and to access your own authentic power, to create the life and business you choose.

As the founder and director of Abundant Life Solutions, Rosemary has been dedicated to activating the exceptional in individuals and businesses of all sizes for over 20 years.

She is passionate about helping people tap into their creative genius to enable them to surpass their limited thinking and become visionaries for their own lives. Her work with the business sector has, time and again, yielded long term benefits, not only for the business and its bottom line, but also for its people, who have enjoyed improved wellbeing, teamwork and culture.

But Rosemary doesn’t just talk the talk, having successfully transformed her own life. A difficult and disempowering upbringing in a violent, dysfunctional household convinced Rosemary that she would “never amount to anything” and left her with the deep feelings of un-deservedness that plagued her for the first 30 years of her life. The result of these beliefs and feelings resulted in her suffering from manic depression, self-mutilation and suicidal thoughts all of which became her everyday companions. Thanks to a rebellious spark and an attitude of, “It doesn’t matter what happens to you – it is how you react to it” she managed to claw her way back to the surface from rock bottom.

The blessings of her experiences have given Rosemary unique insight into how illusionary beliefs can steal an individual’s life, business, and future. Grateful for and empowered by everything she has worked through, today Rosemary has unparalleled empathy and knowledge of how to help you connect with your self-limiting beliefs and guide you out of them.

“Every individual possesses a powerful, inherent potential to achieve whatever they desire, whether it is within their private life, or in business!”

Dr. Rosemary has professional eminence with a doctorate in Metaphysics, and qualifications in Counselling, Behavioural Sciences, Life Coaching, Corporate Stress, Pranic Psychotherapy, Training & Assessment (Cert IV) and a great number of life experiences. She will take you on a journey of understanding that moves you confidently into a future of choice and abundance on all levels.

Rosemary is available for keynote presentations and workshops, leadership retreats and empowered coaching.

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