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Broken Dolls of Bali
Sandi Allan

Sandi Allan

Poet, Songwriter, Artist, Television & Film Production Manager, 2nd Assistant Director, Script Supervisor, Location Manager

Always ambitious, Sandi landed her first job when she was only 10-years-old. Using her wits, she started upon a career path that reflected her love for caring for people. After working as a nurse’s aide in a home for the aged, Sandi a school gymnastic champion and national level qualified gymnastic instructor opened a gymnastic club. She trained girls in the Hydro Scheme Government Village. With her guidance, all girls were awarded their iron and bronze medals at the one time, which was a very rare achievement. Her success was rewarded with the New Zealand Gymnastics Association National Levels Examiners qualification.

Sandi was then asked to train a high school girl’s gymnastic team, which she did totally on a volunteer basis of no monetary gain to her. Her reward was in the results. She drove them including their sports teacher through icy roads one hundred and thirty miles to compete. Although the team had never participated in the South Canterbury Inter-Schools Gymnastics Championship, it was Sandi’s coaching that led them to victory.

It was one of the proudest moments in her life.

Soon, after moving with her family to Queensland Australia in 1979, Sandi’s career turned towards television and film. After a period of time being in front of the camera in small roles she built a casting agency, for actors and entertainers before becoming more involved in television and film production. Many years later while working as assistant location manager during the filming of Paperback Hero was working with the incredibly down to earth Hugh Jackman, producers and film crew.

Her love for helping others led to working with homeless and atrisk youth from all parts of Australia. She lived alongside them in the bush in South East Queensland and taught them survival skills. This experience was extremely rewarding and satisfying part of her life as a mentor and life coach. This she did with her late husband as committed members of organisations in quiet times of the film industry.

Sandi went on to work on hundreds of television commercials. Her contribution to the television industry includes work with Roly Poly Picture Company, Granada Television in the U.K. and Canada, Young & Rubicon in the USA, Warner Brothers Movie Studios in the Gold Coast, United Film & Television Broadcasting U.K. & The Australian Film Co. Sandi was made a life time member of the Wasp Creek Rural Volunteer Fire Service and it was her compassion for people that motivated Sandi to produce a special-effects narrated version of her poem “Heroes of the Bush.” She dedicated the moving poem to the Wasp Creek Firefighters of Queensland and all volunteer firefighters throughout Australia. The poem is played on every Australia Day. In addition to poetry, Sandi loves music, song writing, and singing. She enjoys singing a song she wrote entitled “Mama’s Heart.” She wrote the song not only to share with her own children, but to also share with mothers throughout the world. While living in Bali, Sandi wrote and produced a special effects version of a song dedicated to the victims of the Tsunami that struck in Aceh, Indonesia in 2004 and all suffers from all the countries. T’sunami Hearts the Weep has been professionally recorded nut her financial situation stopped her chance to release it, but she still hopes to release it one day and to record her “Mama’s Heart”. Unfortunately, life has dealt Sandi a series of devastating blows. This is revealed in her following book ‘Stripped Back Naked’,

Ever resilient, Sandi is now studying at the Australian Institute of Professional Counselling to obtain her counselling diploma in several fields to perform locum work assisting the less fortunate once her studies are completed. Her life’s mission is to be a spokesperson, life coach and advocate against abuse and violence against women and children.

Sandi lives in Queensland, Australia.

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