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A Practical Guide To Moving Out of Home
Sandra Jennings

Sandra Jennings

International Author, Inspirational Speaker, Business Owner and Parenting Expert 

Sandra Jennings is an international author, speaker, business owner and parenting expert. She is the author of the book Listen to Your Mother – A Practical Guide to Moving Out of Home. Over the past three decades, Sandra has dedicated her life to running several highly successful businesses alongside raising four children and a grandchild and all the while remaining focused on her true passions in life – family, food, cooking, travel and thriving amidst life’s challenges.

Sandra’s home was a central hub and drop-in centre for many of her children’s friends and Sandra soon realised that not every young adult had loving and supportive parents and these kids needed extra help, advice and support. This sparked off her true passion of inspiring and helping others grow and succeed and so the new book series was born, Listen to your Mother.

Sandra is passionate about personal growth and development and has trained internationally with industry greats such as Anthony Robbins, Dr John Demartini and Pat Mesiti. She has travelled the world extensively, visiting more than 12 different countries including the United State of America, England, Canada, France, Singapore, Malaysia, New Caledonia, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Thailand, just to name a few.

Sandra has worked with a variety of associations over several years including P&C, Master Builders Association (MBA), Ladies Ancillary Committee and the HIA along with large corporations on a national and international basis involving multi-level marketing and share trading. In earlier years, Sandra launched her own food label; designed, sewed and sold children’s clothing; created food hampers from homemade produce; made and sold homemade sweets, and successfully runs a building company from her home office.

She has excelled in various sporting pursuits ranging from swimming, softball and athletics to basketball, including representing her locality in high level squash competitions. Sandra lives with her husband David in New South Wales and has four children and a grandchild.

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