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Simple Truths
Sandy Simmon

Sandy Simmon

Author, Educator, Practitioner, and Medical Mystic

Sandy Simmons has traveled a personal and professional journey that has taught her how to nurture the seeds of change in herself and others. Author, educator, practitioner, and medical mystic, Sandy uses her unique talents to inspire compassionate awareness and loving-kindness in everyone her message reaches.

Born in London, England, Sandy immigrated to Melbourne, Australia at the age of twelve. Having been exposed early in her life to children from many cultural backgrounds, she approached each new development in her life with a wise openness. She earned the nickname “Miss Independence” from friends because of her adventurous nature.

Sandy’s perspective on life can be summed up in her quote, “Don’t let anyone tell you that you have to live a limited life. Be unique and choose the freedom of living your truest purpose and greatest potential.”

True to her beliefs, Sandy has led an extraordinary life of growing, working, learning, and loving. The path of her life is intertwined with constant exploration, self-study, and training in an eclectic assortment of fields. To improve her own health and wellbeing, Sandy learned about breastfeeding and Kinesiology. Later, her studies turned to nutrition and natural fertility. While enjoying a healthy lifestyle, she traveled to Alice Springs, Australia to study color, sound, and breathwork.

Eventually, Sandy discovered William Whitecloud and The Magician’s Way. Her life changed forever and she began to focus her energy on healing, educating, and empowering others to not only improve their health but also increase their overall sense of wellbeing.

The Truth Farm is Sandy’s platform for consulting and mentoring. She offers a range of services designed to assist her clients with mastering themselves and connecting with their true nature and purpose. Her services include nutritional, lactations, and natural fertility consulting.

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