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How to Succeed in Tough Times
Scott Kilpatrick

Scott Kilpatrick

Scott was born in Lynnwood California October 1960. His family migrated to Australia when he was 11 years old in an effort to escape the ‘concrete jungle’. Having completed high school in the suburbs of Brisbane, he had a life-changing experience when he gave his life to Christ at age 18. His first job after completing his senior year, was to dig holes for a fencing contractor. After realizing the meaning of the words hard work, he decided to take his father’s advice and get a job where he could work smart rather than hard. Brisbane entrepreneurs George Raspoppin and Peter Muritidis hired Scott and trained him in Sales and also Drafting of cold rooms. In 1980 moved to America to stay with his Uncle’s family where he eked out a living selling artwork door to door and then worked in a machine shop.

Arriving back in Australia in 1983 just before the recession Scott moved into his famous green 3.3m bondwood tear drop caravan. It was the local joke, people would often look at his caravan, and look at 117kg Scott, and say “what do you do wear it?” He then became a draftsman in the housing industry of Central Queensland, while embarking in other adventures such as an ice cream truck, corner store, and drafting business. It was at this point that he received revelation, ‘you do not need to be 10 times better to receive first prize’.

While enjoying many years of strong success, well known motivational speaker Pat Misiti convinced Scott to pay back those who have helped him on his journey, by helping others to become successful.

Now his goal is to develop as many people into successful Millionaires as he can. His real passion is helping people find what they are looking for. This manual shares some of the ways they have succeeded in doing this.

Scott and his wife Meleese and their children, enjoy life on their 1200 acre property near the Capricorn Coast of Queensland Australia.

This book is filled with the good and bad ideas that have helped Scott and Meleese find their success and help others to succeed. They have made it clear they attribute all of the Glory and Praise to The Most High God, the source of their success. After all, where did you think these good methods and ideas came from?

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