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Building a Meaningful Life
Shane Martin

Shane Martin

Author, Motivational Speaker, Wisdom Meditation Guide and Entrepreneur

Shane is a wise spiritual seeker who loves life and sees the beauty in every day. His passion in life is to become an expert on the ways that create opportunity to build meaningful lives. Starting from humble beginnings the doors of life have opened and shared many unique experiences. Shane’s quest for knowledge has uncovered a path to essence, insight meditation practices, shared wisdom and natural awareness.

Shane deeply believes that to live and understand a meaningful life, one must go beyond the surface of the world. With this profound philosophy in mind, he enjoys travelling the world interviewing people about what a meaningful life is to them, and what it means to a wide range of spiritual leaders throughout the world.

Shane has changed directions after many years from being a Green Master Builder, who focused his beliefs into his business of building sustainable healthy homes. He now pursues his dreams and purpose of rising above self and building a more meaningful life.

In his daily life he practices meditation, reading and yoga. He also enjoys sharing stories, walking his dogs, swimming, cooking, surfing, and snorkeling in his spare time. Shane is a scuba diving instructor and a family man with three children.

He has travelled and worked throughout Australia, New Zealand, France, Spain, India, Kashmir, Taiwan, China, Tibet, Hong Kong, Japan, Bhutan and many other countries.

Shane Martin (Ma-Yothu) is the author of ‘Building a Meaningful Life’

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