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Sharon Breslin

Sharon Breslin

Travel expert, business consultant, Feng Shui practitioner, and author

Sharon Breslin’s life has been a full and exciting journey—both physically and spiritually. Today she combines the experience of a lifetime of travelling with her work as a Feng Shui practitioner.

The travel wanderlust all probably started for Sharon, a native New Zealander, when her New Zealand mother and Irish father took her by ship at the age of four to live in England and Ireland for two years.

After returning to Wellington the family shared a home with Sharon’s uncle and his two very young children as he had tragically lost his wife. The family moved repeatedly as Sharon’s father would build and sell properties.

Upon completing her education, through to qualifying to enter university, Sharon decided that the travel industry was where she need to be and began her 12-year career started as a junior and worked her way up to management level during which time she enjoyed many globe-trotting business-related excursions. Her first position was with Variety Travel and then with her husband at the time moved to London and worked in the travel business there for two years.

Returning to New Zealand Sharon went to work for AA Travel and subsequently joined House of Travel in 1992 as a part-owner of one of the franchised outlets. She built the business from nothing to a 15-man operation in 13 years. Right from the start it was a success winning “Best New House of Travel” in its first year of operation. She also won “Business Excellence Award” and in 2004 “Supreme Outlet Award” in the House of Travel group.

In the spare time that she had Sharon pursued her true passion, which was to learn about the metaphysical side of life. She discovered that she had been given a gift as an intuitive healer and was able to help many people.

She sold her travel franchise and co-founded a small tour company called Spiritual Journeys organizing and leading trips to sacred sites and ancient lands around the world. When she and her business partner went their separate ways Sharon rebranded the company as Lifestyle Journeys. Running it on a smaller basis enabled her to spend years doing more intuitive healing from her home, as well as exploring the world and continuing the learning process by attending courses in various subjects—a psychic children’s conference in Hawaii with James Twyman, a past life regression course in Virginia, USA with Henry Bolduc and a Feng Shui practitioner course with Interior Alignments School of Feng Shui, founded by Denise Lynn and based in the USA.

Sharon then created a new business called Flying Rooms as a platform for utilizing her Feng Shui skills along with all of the other tools she has acquired over the years. Its focus is on assisting companies to look at their environment from a physical perspective and also their people and company as a whole. Before relocating herself and the business to Australia Sharon turned 50 and celebrated with six months of travelling which included waling the Camino in Spain with friends and family and touring Peru.

Sharon and now settled in Melbourne where she feels at home. She has taken a lease on a building in Albert Park that has a street presence and promotes her business—Feng Shui work, tours, and workshops.

Sharon is the author in Magical Travels.

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