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Awesome Careers for Gen Ys
Sharon Davey

Sharon Davey

Teacher, Career Counsellor, Author

Sharon is a teacher, career counsellor & educator, and author. She is also a vocal advocate for disadvantaged youth and refugees, working tirelessly to assist them with building a better life for themselves and their families.

Throughout the past 30 years, Sharon has assisted thousands of people to establish a clear direction for their careers. She credits her success to an approach that enables each individual to discover what their heart desires and encourages them to empower themselves at each stage of their journey.

Sharon began her career as a secondary school teacher. As a young teacher, she quickly discovered her talent for career counselling and educating.

In her statewide role as Policy Officer for Careers and Work Education at the Victoria Department of Education, she organized and supervised the career training of more than 150 new career teachers. In subsequent positions, she made outstanding contributions while advising both youth and adults as a career counsellor & educator at Chisolm TAFE, Deakin University, Dandenong Business College, Star of the Sea College, Lyndale Secondary College, and Caulfield Grammar School.

Most recently, Sharon has dedicated her leadership and writing skills to the SHINE program at the Family Life organization. As a team leader, she contributed to the children’s mental health program using a consultative and change management approach to increase the effectiveness of their service delivery.

A former member of Toastmasters International, Sharon has delivered innovative and positive talks at many career seminars. Among her many professional associations, Sharon served as the President of the Fragile X Association of Victoria, the President of the Career Education Association of Victoria, and as an executive committee member of the Australian Association Careers Counsellors.

Sharon is the author of Awesome Careers for Gen Y’s – Easy strategies to create an amazing career & life.

She has travelled and worked throughout the United States, Canada, Tahiti, New Zealand, England, France, and Italy.

Sharon lives in Melbourne, Australia.

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