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Activate Your Female Power
Sharon Moloney

Sharon Moloney

Author, childbirth educator, fertility therapist, supporter of midwives and clinical hypnotherapist specialising in women’s health.

She has always been fascinated by spirituality, Nature and the female body. Ever since her first menstruation, which was a spontaneous spiritual awakening, she has loved being female. A conversion experience in early adulthood led Sharon to join a contemplative monastery and although she loved the silence, meditation and prayer, she felt spiritually disembodied. Having fallen ill, she left the monastery three years later.

When she decided to have her second child, she encountered fertility problems that medication could not help. As a result, she began an in-depth study of female anatomy and physiology with the goal of figuring out how to regain her fertility and health. In the process, she discovered her ‘path with heart,’ and realised she had been looking for ‘God’ in all the wrong places. Sacredness was right here, under her nose, all along! She decided to dedicate the rest of her life to sharing this mind-altering information with other people. Her health recovered and at the age of 40, Sharon was overjoyed to be pregnant and give birth to her daughter.

From this time on, she began training in women’s health focussing on fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, counselling and hypnotherapy. After completing a writing diploma, Sharon deepened her knowledge of women’s health with a Master’s of Women’s Studies, specialising in menstruation, birth and women’s spirituality. Concerned at the lack of research into the spiritual dimensions of these core female experiences, she went on to gain her PhD, exploring both menstruation and birth as spiritual phenomena. She disseminated her research findings nationally and internationally through peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters, articles in midwifery journals and other publications. In the process, she became a passionate ambassador for the sacredness of the female body, and a spokesperson for the intimate relationship between the female body and the Earth body.

Sharon has worked at the tertiary level as tutor, guest lecturer, mentor and research assistant. For eight years, she served as a counsellor with a dedicated pregnancy counselling agency, and in 2004, she established a holistic reproductive health program in North Queensland, training counselling staff in fertility, contraception, pregnancy, birth, and reproductive loss. She spent five years as a consumer reviewer for the Midwifery Peer Review Program run by the Australian College of Midwives, a role which inspired her dedication to supporting midwives. Her private practice as a women’s health educator, counsellor, hypnotherapist and female ambassador is informed by the depth of her extensive studies, professional work and personal experience.

Sharon loves being female, dancing, travelling, cooking, martial arts, studying spirituality, spending time in Nature, and enjoying fun times with friends. She is the author of Activate Your Female Power and lives beside a beautiful river on the Gold Coast, Queensland, with her family, which includes a cat and a dog.

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