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Unlock Your Land Rover Genius
Steve Marshall

Steve Marshall

Steve Marshall was born in Newcastle, NSW Australia just ten years after the first Series 1 Land Rover rolled off the assembly line in Solihull, UK. As a boy, several events fuelled a fire inside Steve to own a Land Rover when he grew up. He helped his dad restore a 1960 model LR in 1965 and Steve commenced unfettered driving a 1972 model LWB on a grazing property at 13 years of age.

With the Land Rover passion ignited, it became a compass for Steve’s career choices. He joined the navy, studied physics and psychology at university then became a hydrographic surveyor making navigational charts, married his first wife and had 3 children. While based in Western Australia, in 1982, Steve crossed Australia in a 2a LWB Land Rover via Len Beadell’s remote tracks. Enroute he traversed the Simpson, Gibson and Pinnacles Deserts. In WA, the sand state, he later led groups of four-wheel drives on dune and beach trips.

After a decade as a naval officer, Steve returned to his final school in Bathurst NSW as a teacher of physics plus science, maths and geography. In 1996, Steve realised he could not afford to update his trusty Land Rover on his teaching income, so he acquired a small trailer hire business to fund the passion. Since then he has purchased eight more Land Rover Discoveries and two Range Rover Sports for 1.5 million kilometres of travel. He has also purchased about 200 other utilities and vans for his rental business.

Steve and his wife Kristine are keen to help other men and women to have successful, exciting and fulfilling lives. This book shows that the journey can be fun too, especially in a Land Rover.

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