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Susanna Bateman

Author and facilitator of early childhood learning, development and high-quality care

Susanna Bateman, along with her husband Rob, are the co-founders of Little Miracles, a chain of nine early education and long day care centres.

Little Miracles focuses on developing children’s literacy skills through fun activities in a nurturing environment.

Susanna and Rob have both been blessed by their Christian faith and seek to incorporate Christian principles in all their endeavours.

Susanna’s goal to encourage a lifelong love of reading and learning among the children in Little Miracles’ care is inspired by her own personal experiences.

By the time she left school, Susanna had never completely read a book. She was dyslexic, only managing to overcome her reading difficulty when she was an adult.Susanna and Rob also helped their own four children beat dyslexia.

Now adults themselves, they work with Susanna and Rob at Little Miracles and between them have produced twelve grandchildren.

Besides their passion for early childhood learning and development, Rob and Susanna also like to travel.

They have been to countries, cities and regions all over the world including New Zealand, Canada, the USA, Hong Kong, the Caribbean, Paris, India, London, Ireland, Rwanda, South Africa, Venice, Indonesia, Switzerland and Fiji.

They have also given back to the community through dedicating their time to worthy causes. Susanna has been a volunteer youth leader for fifteen years.

She has spent time working with parents to prevent child abuse as well as mentoring young mothers. She has also spoken at Christian women’s conferences.

Susanna is the author of Enjoy Your Parenting and lives in New South Wales, Australia with her family.

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