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How to Prevent and Treat Illness Through Nutrition
Tony Milkins

Tony Milkins

Mechanical professional, Inventor, Entrepreneur and Author

Tony Milkins is an experienced mechanical professional, an inventor, an entrepreneur, an author and a keen student of life and all its lessons.

Growing up in Brighton East, Melbourne, Tony left school at the age of 15.

After working several jobs searching for his niche, he took on an apprenticeship as a motor mechanic. Tony specialised as a diesel mechanic, built garbage trucks and later spent 25 years with the Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) performing the vital role of keeping Melbourne’s firefighting fleet on the road. He worked in high pressure situations at fires as well as on the road and in workshops.

During his career with the MFB he continued his professional and personal development including gaining qualifications to train others. Tony was responsible for training many hundreds of staff, apprentices, and the supervision of personnel in a satellite workshop across the MFB to ensure that standards of servicing the firefighting fleet were well maintained.

Tony married and had two children, the older one with a special ability. This special ability meant that his son didn’t fit into the mainstream learning structure. And so began a journey for Tony of dealing extensively with and learning about how Australia’s social system and legal system operate in relation to children’s welfare.

Tony’s professional experience dealing with fire sparked his entrepreneurial spirit and he toiled privately for over three years to develop an innovative patent design for an external bushfire sprinkler system for homes in fire prone areas. The patented design is recognised by IP Australia government with the idea of creating a business. It was during these years that Tony faced his own personal health crisis involving a long struggle both physically and mentally. He was also diagnosed as a diabetic and had years of requiring insulin. During this time Tony developed the unshakeable belief that there had to be a better way to live and that the food we eat was central to this. Years of research uncovered many surprising and at times alarming facts about our food supply. The end result of Tony’s research for him personally was vastly improved health, living medication free and sharing the benefits of his knowledge with many others.

This book is a snapshot of many of Tony’s key nutritional learnings. As Tony knows how critical good health is to a happy life, he balances his professional life with time with his family and his personal interests of alternative medicine, human behaviour and to achieve the goals he has set in his life’s journey. Tony is the proud grandfather of three grandchildren. Tony lives in Bentleigh East, Melbourne.

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