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Face Talk for Sales Success
Tracy Eaton

Tracy Eaton

Published author, international speaker and trainer, is an experienced business advisor and street-smart profit strategist and marketer, consulting to small and medium businesses.

Tracy, was born in Melbourne, Victoria. At age six, Tracy began her success ‘on stage’ with calisthenics and over the next 17 years won many awards and competitions in calisthenics, dance and drama. At 14 she performed on Young Talent Time, winning her heat and placing second in the series final. She became the first person ever to achieve the highest award in calisthenics, Gold Medal with honours, at only 16.

The foundation for Tracy’s career success and momentum began at age 17 when she took up a role coaching and choreographing calisthenics at championship level. She continued this for 25 years. Tracy also spent four years at university including three years of teacher training.

Tracy commenced her fast tracked corporate career with McDonald’s Australia in 1988. In 1989, she was managing a store, responsible for recruiting, training, budgets, marketing, sales, profits, stock, staff — the works. She later lead a team of store managers, with $8 to $10 million turnover and 300 odd staff.

It was Tracy’s natural talent and passion for speaking and training that had her spend the majority of her 10 year career with McDonald’s in the Training Department — from delivering training courses and developing content, managing and presenting at large conventions and seminars with up to 700 attendees, to a key role in getting programs nationally accredited, and setting up the first training department in WA.

After leaving corporate life to become a mum, Tracy began her personal development journey, completing Anthony Robbins Mastery University. With her desire to inspire people to be their best, Tracy’s entrepreneurial spirit found her self-employed, beginning as an E-myth Business Coach in 2000.

Over the next seven years Tracy pursued business opportunities in coaching and personal development, kinesiology, and network marketing. And through 2008 this included managing an entrepreneurial network, with specific responsibility for facilitating events and managing membership.

Tracy is now Co-founder and Director of Smartbiz Profit System, business improvement and profit specialists to Small and Medium Businesses; and Face Talk, leaders in sales communication using facemapping. She is the world #1 facemapping expert. And as Smartbiz Profit System’s and Face Talk’s keynote speaker and trainer she uses her versatility, teacher training, and ability to take complex information and present it in simple terms, to deliver cutting edge programs and training for business owners and sales professionals.

She lives in Perth with her two daughters Hayley and Caitlin.

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