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2 Minds 1 Choice

How to Tap into Your Hidden Mind to Create the Lifestyle You Truly Want

The book deals with our origins, our natural creative abilities, our true potential and it reminds us of our purpose here in the world. It speaks of our wonderful and amazing nature as humans here in the Earth and the role we were created to play in union with everyone and everything. It soon leads into what has happened on our human journey, how we have become enslaved in a prison of mind controls and manipulations, and tells us just what agendas are still operating through societies on the planet. The book goes deeply into what consciousness is and how the mind works.

There is a very good map of our multidimensional anatomy and how the hologram of human experience is interplaying within the individual holograms of every person and world illusions of changing reality fields. The book is here as a certain help for those unable to realise their own escape from their ownpoverty of spirit and it is here to bring greater understanding to those who would be enabled to help in greater ways to heal the condition of world consciousness. There are wonderful examples of actual experiences of life and there are exercises to do to ensure our safe return to our original imprint for healthy living and happiness.

The 8 promises this book delivers as you allow.

  • You will gain clear focus and control in your life.
  • You will uncover your hidden but natural powers.
  • You will flow with wisdom that will surprise your friends.
  • You will create wealth and abundance without trying.
  • You will activate your ability to experience your deepest desires.
  • You will walk with genuine confidence and authority.
  • You will speak with presence and draw attention and opportunity.
  • You will discover the one key to unlock your whole life.

About the Author

Grant Barlow
I attend Urtha temples during my dream state and at pre determined times as per arrangement with the hosting facilities there. I am able to attend many classes simultaneously due to my multi-personality of natural awareness.

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