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A Practical Guide to Having a Fulfilling Life and a Profitable Business

International Authors Peter and Lorraine Swain, affectionately known as the Profit Makers on their home soil in Australia, are both sought after speakers and successful business entrepreneurs. They share a gripping message that will free you once and for all from the shackles that bind you in your life and business. This book is filled with practical down to earth advice, strategies, tips & tools to get you on track again.

In this book you’ll discover:

  • Why without a personal & business vision you will perish
  • The principles of what you say is what you get
  • Essential strategies on how to value yourself and your business
  • How to strategically plan and implement your goals
  • The 3 killers of effectiveness and what to do about them
  • Why your conscience is your key to confidence and abundance
  • The secrets of the rich, wealthy and wise

About the Author

Peter & Lorraine Swain
International authors, speakers, entrepreneurs, property investors, and real estate experts.Peter and Lorraine are international authors, speakers, entrepreneurs, property investors and real estate experts. They are recognised as experts in the fields of business development, money management, property investing, property renovation, online business and team management.

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