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Activate Your Female Power

Reclaim Your Body, Fertility, Health, Happiness and Confidence as a Woman

Stop Trying To Be ‘Just Like The Men’ And Start Owning The Power And Beauty That Is Yours As A Woman

Have you ever wondered what it really means to be female? Do you sometimes resent being female in a man’s world? Do you feel like something’s missing in your experience of being a woman and don’t know what? This book provides some answers to these deeply meaningful questions.

International author and inspirational speaker, Sharon Moloney PhD, has spent a lifetime exploring what it means to be female, including a doctorate in women’s health and spirituality. As a women’s health practitioner and clinical hypnotherapist, she has supported hundreds of women to learn how to love, enjoy and celebrate being female. In this book, she shares her discoveries about the power, beauty and unique spirituality of the female body.

The cultural blind-spots this book illuminates include:

  • The female body as an ecosystem, not a machine, and how aligning with its natural laws can make you happy, healthy and fertile
  • How to dismantle subconscious limiting beliefs about being female so you’re free to enjoy it!
  • Nature’s blueprint for healthy fertility
  • How to access the spiritual power in the female body to inspire confidence, self-appreciation and inner security
  • The secret to transforming menstrual shame into pride and self-respect
  • How to eliminate unnecessary spending on fertility treatments
  • The keys to activate the female code for optimal health

About the Author

Sharon Moloney
Author, childbirth educator, fertility therapist, supporter of midwives and clinical hypnotherapist specialising in women’s health.She has always been fascinated by spirituality, Nature and the female body. Ever since her first menstruation, which was a spontaneous spiritual awakening, she has loved being female. A conversion experience in early adulthood led Sharon to join a contemplative monastery and although she loved the silence, meditation and prayer, she felt spiritually disembodied. Having fallen ill, she left the monastery three years later.

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