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Bacon and Eggs

The Cookbook

The World’s Number One Collection of Innovative, Authentic Bacon & Eggs Recipes

Monique provides a unique approach to creating delicious bacon and egg alternatives.

All your family favourites from entrees to mains, soups, pastas, salads, pies, picnic goodies and so much more.

Monique Lambert, author of ‘Bacon & Eggs – the cookbook, is currently residing in Sydney. She is working on a number of themed and exciting new cookbooks.

When I tell people I’ve written a book about Bacon and Eggs, they look at me as if to say, “How many ways can you write a bacon and egg recipe?” My reply when they ask, “Simple really, just think outside the frying pan.” When I explain a little further, the response is always: “Ah, I’ve never looked at it this way.”

About the Author

Monique Lambert
Author, entrepreneur, public speaker and voice over artistMonique has worked most of her life in hospitality, promotions and customer service, and later providing professional staff to many corporations for product launches, exhibitions, and trade events. When she opened her own promotional agency, Australia in Style, she soon became one of the most in demand promotional agents in Australia.

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