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How a Combat Soldier Conquered Chronic PTSD to Live a Life that Truly Matters, and How You Can Too

1 Out of Every 3 Veterans Suffer from PTSD

International Author Kevin Lloyd-Thomas is an Infantry combat veteran of two tours of Vietnam. Forward Scout, Machine Gunner, and Section Commander in a mechanized ready reaction and reconnaissance platoon, a platoon whose very existence became a controversy.

Very happy in his marriage and successful in his business life, until nearly three years of unemployment threw his life into utter chaos – sending him crashing and burning into chronic PTSD, alcohol, substance and tobacco abuse, losing everything he had as a result. And then to planning his own suicide. Not if, but how.

This book is full of practical advice and ideas that will guarantee your road to success. Kevin tells of the mistakes he made, the bitter lessons learned, and how not to make the same mistakes he did. Kevin shares his breakthrough strategies, techniques, tools, and proven steps, to get you firmly and successfully back on track to living the life of your dreams.

You will learn:

  • The psychology of PTSD and how to take back control of your life
  • The 5 step life plan: Why you must have it, how to implement it and live the life of your dreams
  • Why you must seek help: How to do it anonymously, and where to go
  • The 7 pillars of success you need to know
  • The answer to the key question: Do I stay in the military, or do I go?
  • How to build a happy life AND serious wealth, no matter what
  • Essential strategies on how to market your military skills, from Private soldier to General

About the Author

Kevin Lloyd-Thomas
Kevin is an author, military veteran, successful in business areas, including real estate.His military career began in 1966 when he joined the Australian Army. He was posted to the Infantry Corps, and sent to Vietnam in 1967, two weeks after his 19th birthday, where he served as a forward scout, rifleman, and machine gunner in the 2nd Battalion of the Royal Australian Regiment.

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