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Become Your Own Guru

How to live empowered and meaningful life

International Author, Speaker and Coach Theresa Fitzgerald shares how to tap into the divine wisdom within you, and live a life of fun, adventure, love, joy and freedom.

Experience an extraordinary life and live beyond your wildest dreams.

You’ll learn:

  • 7 Simples steps to quickly transform your life today
  • How to free your mind from worry and busy thoughts
  • How to overcome doubt and fear to regain your Personal Power
  • How to gain clarity, direction and focus to achieve more with less effort
  • How to break through and transform emotional cycles of pain and suffering
  • How to transform limitations and scarcity to opportunity and abundance
  • Practical tips to being happy every day

About the Author

Theresa Fitzgerald
Leading transformational facilitator and coach, internationally published authorBorn in Mt Gambier in South Australia, Theresa is the eldest of four siblings growing up in a farming environment.Theresa showed great Leadership at an early age becoming Second in Charge at Branch Level within the ANZ Bank at 21 years of age; and managing a team of 15 staff by 22 years of age.

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