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Buy Me, Hire Me, Promote Me

How to Develop and Manage Your Professional Reputation and Personal Brand

Personal Branding Matters….

It is not that hard to be famous for 15 seconds. What is more important and challenging is to be remembered, and foster trust, long term. The key to making ourselves interesting to others and attracting success is to “own who we are”.

Whether you are a job seeker, corporate professional or business owner, if longer term relationships and influence are your goals, then this book is for you.

International author and Personal Branding expert Nicola Barnard shows you how to create an authentic and consistent image and build a positive reputation. Her comprehensive guide is an insurance policy for your long-term personal and professional success.

Inside You’ll Learn:

  • How to avoid painful, costly mistakes that can sabotage your professional prospects and career progression.
  • What your own unique Personal Brand message should include.
  • The insider trade secrets to buying smart and dressing well.
  • The 10 essential elements of communicating with confidence.
  • The Step-by-Step Plan to an organised and influential image.
  • The critical steps you MUST take to protect your reputation.
  • How to supercharge your power of attraction, for professional or personal success.

About the Author

Nicola Barnard
Image Consultant, Business Owner and Guest SpeakerNicola Barnard is a highly respected and internationally recognised image consultant, business owner, guest speaker in the business arena, experienced medical scientist and an author.Born in Manchester, UK, Nicola moved to North Wales as a child before immigrating to Australia. She spent her school years in rural Victoria before moving to Melbourne to study medical science at university.

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