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Clean Green

It Won’t Cost the Earth

Discover Easy Ways To Replace Your ‘Normal’ Household Cleaning Products That Are Laced With Toxic Chemicals.

If you truly want to improve the health of your home and family, International Author & Entrepreneur Caroline Leslie will show you how. Written in a fun, factual and easy-to-follow manner, Clean Green will not only teach you how to become more eco~friendly and chemical~aware, it will also help you to gain a great sense of achievement, contribution and satisfaction along the way. A fantastic, handy and practical guide that every home should have!

Inside You’ll Learn:

  • Exactly which toxic chemicals are in your “conventional” cleaners and what they are doing to you and your family’s health
  • Why cleaning GREEN is better for you, your home and the environment
  • How to save $$$ by buying green cleaning ingredients and products
  • The “GREEN 14” – 14 key ingredients to achieving your Green Cleaning status
  • “Home Maid” recipes for you to make your own green cleaning products
  • Proven green cleaning methods to help restore and rejuvenate your home and how to achieve optimal indoor air quality
  • Practical, eco-friendly tips and hints to maintain a thoroughly green home and lifestyle

About the Author

Caroline Leslie
Caroline Leslie is a successful, multitalented, business owner, entrepreneur, author, makeup artist and mother. Born in Derry, Northern Ireland, Caroline grew up in a warzone, otherwise known as The Troubles. She was witness to some terrible events and grew up tough but humble, thinking this way of life was normal

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