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Dead One Day Laughing The Next

How CPR and Insurance Saved My Life and Tips That Can Save You Too…

How to Live Through a Serious Trauma

Author, speaker, business owner and surfboat rower, Julius Czerny shares his heart attack survival story with you. 96% of heart attack victims do not survive even when given CPR. Find out how to increase your chances and how to safeguard against ongoing consequences, either physical or financial.

You’ll learn:

  • How to live a fulfilled and passionate life without having to die first
  • How CPR could save your life or that of a loved one
  • How I got 600% return on my insurance investment
  • What precautions successful people take and that you should too
  • What precautions successful people take and that you should too
  • How you can manage financially while being unable to work
  • How to have an amazing normal lifestyle after a major heart attack

About the Author

Julius Czerny
Successful business owner and franchisee, survivor of a heart attack, an accomplished elite sportsman, a qualified and experienced teacher, an entrepreneur, a speaker and author as well as a father and grandfather.Born in Mildura in Victoria, Julius relocated to Melbourne soon after with his parents and brother. Living in North Melbourne until he was 16, he developed very strong sporting interests as a child.

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