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Dealing With Autism

How I Successfully Raised My Child With Autism and How You Can To


If your child has been diagnosed with autism this book is essential reading. As a parent you will feel empowered; as a teacher you will have greater insight into the child’s needs and the family’s needs.

Author, speaker and autism educator Randa Habelrih shares over 18 years of hands on experience helping you learn different strategies to becoming the best advocate for your child or student. This is based on real experiences; it is a story told from the heart and it will change attitudes, it will raise the standards of inclusion for our children on the spectrum and give a voice to those children without a voice.

You’ll learn:

  • From our family’s experiences with autism, how love, patience and determination can overcome the biggest challenges
  • How to advocate for your child and develop successful partnerships with school and community groups
  • 3 essential solutions to help our schools in educating children with autism
  • The 9 Golden Rules for choosing happiness and ensuring that you don’t get stuck in anger, sadness, fear, guilt or depression
  • The psychology of the Autism Double DDIP Principle and the 4 stages you may go through
  • The 6 step guide to developing a Success Mindset
  • The perspective of a sibling and how an autism diagnosis affects the other children in the family

About the Author

Randa Habelrih
International Author, Speaker, Property Investor, International Tour Director, Marketing Manager, and Autism Advocate & AdvisorRanda Habelrih is an international author, speaker, property investor, marketing manager, international tour director, and autism advocate and advisor.She is the international author of the book Dealing with Autism – How I Successfully Raised My Child With Autism and How You Can Too. As a proud mother of a child with autism who just graduated high school, Randa teaches how you can make a difference in the world today. She openly shares her journey as a parent and embraces the philosophy of Different… Not Less by Temple Grandin.

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