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Differentiate to Dominate

The 7 Steps to Transform Your Business into a Brand

Today in business you want to be more than “good enough”, and a brand strategy that identifies and highlights your point of difference is like having a secret weapon. For many firms it’s the missing link. This book teaches SMEs and entrepreneurs the seven foundational steps that the world’s greatest brands leverage to leap ahead of their competitors. Learn how to think strategically, how to find your point of difference and how to build the brand foundations that will help you to dominate in your market.


  • GROW YOUR BRAND RAPIDLY – With solid and strategic foundations in place, your focused efforts will enable you to grow your brand faster than if you take the throw the mud on the wall and see what sticks approach.
  • ATTRACT MORE LOYAL CUSTOMERS – By understanding the problems your clients are experiencing, and demonstrating that you have the solutions to overcome them, you build loyalty and create advocates for your brand.
  • BEAT YOUR COMPETITORS – By creating a distinct and sustainable competitive advantage your brand will cut through the “noise” and be remembered for its uniqueness.
  • BUILD A GREAT WEBSITE –Clarity and focus on your point of difference, your target market and your brand personality translates into bulletproof briefs your web developers and copywriters.
  • CREATE GREAT MARKETING MESSAGES –Understanding of what your brand stands for will ensure that everything you write, post and comment on will reinforce your brand’s positioning and touch the hearts and minds of your prospects.
  • ATTRACT A GREAT TEAM –With a clear Purpose, Vision and Pillars guiding you, you’ll attract team members who believe what you believe and who will feel empowered to make decisions autonomously to support you.
  • GET A HIGHER ROI ON YOUR MARKETING INVESTMENT –A clear understanding of your target market will help you focus your resources and messages and get the most out of every dollar and hour you invest in promoting your brand.

About the Author

Peter Engelhardt
Brand Strategist, Entrepreneur, Speaker, AuthorPeter is a trusted brand strategist, successful entrepreneur, highly sought-after speaker, widely read blogger, and an accomplished author.A recognised thought leader in the field of branding, design and inbound marketing Peter believes that business success today requires a customer-focused digital orientation . One of his special areas of focus is on how smaller brands can harness the benefits of strategic branding to grow their online and offline business. He routinely gives lectures at business events and conferences on branding, new media marketing and creating lead generating websites.

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