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Dr. House’s Prescription to Escape the 9 to 5

Practical Real Estate Strategies that Make You Money While You Sleep

A few years ago, Dr. Gordon Ku was a lot like you – he worked long hard hours to make as much an income as he could. But there is more to life. He worked by the clock and yearned to have more freedom with his time. Starting with a little money and next to no investing experience, he acquired his first investment property. Today, his income-producing properties support his lifestyle and allow him the flexibility of time to do what his wants. He is ready to reveal his secrets so that you can begin your own journey to financial independence and live your dream lifestyle.

In this book you’ll discover:

  • Little known ways to make a great income from property while you sleep.
  • 6 Most jealously guarded wealth creation principles used by the Rich.
  • 5 Secret techniques used by professional investors to buy properties with Little or No Money, Even Without Using a Bank Loan!
  • A Step-By-Step Guide on how to negotiate a great property deal that will save you thousands of dollars.
  • How to find the properties that will make you huge profits.
  • 9 Fatal Mistakes commonly made by property investors that must be avoided before buying a property
  • Tips on how to get a property sold quickly and make the money you desire
  • Plus much more…

About the Author

Gordon Ku
Dr. Gordon Ku is a seasoned property entrepreneur, author and consultant. He is Australia’s most respected property strategist and is recognized as an expert in the field of generating more cash flow from real estate for investors and developers. He originally graduated as a medical doctor from the University of Melbourne and has educated himself in the field of real estate investing over many years. He has built himself a multi-million dollar property portfolio in a short span of time. Gordon is the founder of Toorak Property Consulting Group and Dr. House Property.

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