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Dynamic Teaching

Empowering Tools and Strategies for Teachers Who Want to Make a Difference

Reshaping Education From The Ground Up

International author and grassroots education expert, Ian Davies, exposes the essential issues causing so much grief in our schools today. His candid thoughts and empowering strategies will inspire educators who have all but given up hope. In a time when we can all be distracted by the glitter of modern technology, this book brings the focus back to the very essence of education – the relationship between the teacher, the child and the parent.

Ian’s amazingly simple and practical strategies and tools for teachers and parents cut through all the clutter and promise to improve student outcomes and results in the 21st Century!

You’ll learn:

  • The 9 essential issues undermining student results today
  • The 5 key habits of successful teachers
  • The opportunities and challenges Technology brings to teaching in the 21st Century
  • The psychology for developing a Success Mindset in students
  • How to cultivate outstanding classroom management
  • 7 proven steps to support teacher wellbeing
  • 10 quick and easy ways to ruin any normal school kid and 10 powerful tactics to win them back

About the Author

Ian Davies
Author, Educator, Entrepreneur, Tutor, and Life CoachIan is an international author, educator, and highly sought-after tutor and life coach. Although Ian now excels at motivating students, he recalls failing kindergarten and just barely surviving secondary school. One of the things that kept him going at school was his strong interest in sport.

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