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Energise Your Career

A Guide To How Any Woman Can Have The Success She Wants

Discover how to accelerate your career so you can be a magnet to the success you desire

International author, academic and Professor, Dr Kristine Martin-McDonald unlocks the secrets of how her vision, conviction and passion led to successful careers as a writer, educator, researcher, registered nurse and thought leader. This includes her vision and leadership in achieving a $26 million dollar legacy to education and health care services. Kristine shares her wisdom and passion in educating, encouraging and inspiring other women so they too can have the life and career of their dreams.


  • Ways to boost your confidence and defeat the imposter syndrome to set yourself free.
  • How to strengthen your resilience and navigate your pathway to career success.
  • How to honour yourself through the giving and receiving of gratitude, energy and abundance.
  • How to establish your personal brand to attract the career choices you want.
  • Ways to embrace the leader within you and excel in actioning your vision.
  • How to expose and address saboteurs so your career soars beyond them.
  • How to seek happiness and fulfilment whilst being true to your feminine practices.

About the Author

Kristine Martin-McDonald
International author, speaker, professor, educator, academic and nursing and interprofessional expert.She is the international author of the book ENERGISE YOUR CAREER. HOW A WOMAN CAN HAVE THE SUCCESS SHE WANTS. She is recognised as an expert in the fields of Interprofessional Education, Nursing, Qualitative Research and Mentoring. As a leading educational professor, Kristine worked her way to the top of her field and through her inspiring visions has caught the attention of funding bodies for ground-breaking innovations worth $26 million implemented within the university and health care service contexts.

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