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Formula 1 for Business

International author and leading business consultant Simon Frayne shares the science, wisdom and closely guarded high performance tips and strategies in this book. If you have ever dreamed of a better business to provide a bigger life, Formula 1 For Business will show you how to achieve the profitability, value and ultimately business success you desire. Discover how to get the most out of your business against a fast changing landscape!

You’ll learn:

  • Essential profit drivers every business owner needs to know
  • How to attract and maximise the performance of key staff
  • The secret of measurement and monitoring for incremental improvement
  • The 15 critical strategies that will dramatically increase your business value
  • Why it is better not to work in your business and how to manage your way out
  • The secrets to the 6 different buyer profiles and why some pay much, much more
  • How to massively expand your marketing channels to increase sales in the changing landscape

About the Author

Simon Frayne
International author and leading business consultant

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