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Hell to Happiness

A Concentration Camp Childhood to a Life of Abundance

This book is a true story full of passion, hope and inspiration. International author Patricia Dennis shares what it was like to spend three and a half years growing up in a Japanese Concentration Camp in the Philippines. Having miraculously survived, she went on to achieve great personal and business triumphs. Patricia’s amazing story provides beautiful lessons on how trust, faith and self-belief can take you from Hell to Happiness.

My Gifts of Wisdom to You:

  • Obstacles are just learning curves in achieving your dreams
  • Hope knows no bounds
  • Optimism is a key ingredient as you progress through life’s journey
  • Take heart and move through every setback with confidence
  • Persistence wins through
  • Make every moment in your life count and know you are never alone

About the Author

Patricia Dennis
Multi-talented author, poet, painter, entrepreneur and world traveller.Dennis Patricia carries with her a wealth of broad experiences that enrich her writing. At only seven and a half years of age, Patricia and her younger sister Jacqueline and parents were among thousands of people forced by the Japanese to live in the Santo Tomas Concentration Camp in Manila during World War II, from 1942 through to 1945. After being released from the camp, her family moved to Australia where she excelled in school and won medals in extracurricular sports activities.

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