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How to Overcome Stress Naturally

Take control of your mental and emotional life

Everyday moods of frustration, anger, hopelessness, anxiety and fear are all too commonplace.

How To Overcome Stress Naturally shows you how to take control of your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing in simple step-by-step practical ways. The Author brings experts in the field of Western, Integrative, Ayurvedic, Nutritional and Environmental medicine to share the latest information in mind-body connection and health. There is a wealth of information that will arm you well in making informed wise choices for your health and your family’s health. These changing economic times demand we take responsibility for our health and our prosperity, otherwise stress will indeed takeover. Choose to take control now.

You’ll learn:

  • Personal Insights & uplifting stories giving you hope & inspiration
  • Powerful yet simple secrets to overcoming Stress & depression
  • Daily step-by-step plans, giving you back control
  • How to create prosperity in times of financial stress
  • That now is the perfect time for new beginnings, new thinking, new friends
  • Where to go for Ayurvedic, Nutritional, Environmental, Integrative medical help
  • Who is available to answer your health questions from a holistic perspective

About the Author

Tracey Stranger
Passionate Author, Transformational Speaker and Meditation Guide.In meditation, Tracey was guided to ask HH The Dalai Lama to provide the foreword for her 1st book, How to Overcome Stress Naturally. Within 6 days His Holiness replied “Yes, with my blessings.” It was Tracey’s intention to personally hand a copy of her book to HH The Dalai Lama to say thank-you, which Tracey did face-to-face with His Holiness’s joy and love on 10th December, 2009.

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