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Internet Dating

Men to Avoid, Men to Enjoy

Don’t even think about going online before you have read this!

Dating arenas have changed and women are either scared of putting themselves on the internet or they are getting it all wrong. They don’t know how to date to get what they want. They get tangled up with all the wrong sorts of men and are disappointed and hurt time after time. This book will set them straight. World leading expert Dr. Buzz McCarthy shows you how to relax again, enjoy meeting good sorts of men and choose how you can be in a real, lasting, loving and committed relationship.

In this book you’ll discover:

  • How to find true love and passion via the internet without fear
  • The Top 5 strategies to best present yourself online
  • Time-proven steps to have success dating on your terms
  • How to identify 9 kinds of men you definitely don’t want to date
  • When to have sex and when to definitely not have sex
  • How to attract and keep a really masculine man
  • When to leave Mr. Right Now and find Mr. Right

About the Author

Buzz McCarthy
Psychoneurologist, Author, Speaker and Relationship Strategist Buzz is a best-selling author and is recognised as a leading specialist in the area of intimate relationships, wealth, success and personal transformation.

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