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Life Through Sam’s Eyes

How Our Blind Son Helped Us See

A Journey From Devastation To Inspiration

International Authors and Parents Jim and Lisa Valavanis share their inspirational story of what they went through and how they coped and survived when a family crisis struck down their son Sam.

Sam was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma at just 12 weeks of age and they thought his life was over before it had even begun. They didn’t know what it meant to him for now, let alone the future. How would he and they as a family get through this ordeal and what kind of life would he have? This book will help lift the haze that may come over other families or individuals facing a personal traumatic experience and give them not only a sense of direction but also of hope for the future.

You’ll learn:

  • Why cancer or disability does not mean the end
  • How an ordinary family survived through an extraordinary situation
  • How parents can help their child cope with grief and loss
  • How the power of positive thinking can help you deal with a traumatic life changing experience
  • You can rise up from the depths of despair to live the life you deserve
  • Essential networks and support groups available to assist you through the difficult times
  • Where to from here? Living a joyous and fulfilling life with a disability

About the Author

Jim and Lisa Valavanis
Jim is International Author, Speaker and ParentHe is an author, parent and inspirational public speaker on overcoming daunting adversities in family life and how we can benefit and empower ourselves and others by changing negative expectations of just ‘surviving’ life’s challenges to ‘thriving’ in life’s challenges.Lisa is an International Author, Speaker and ParentLisa is an author, parent and inspiring speaker on tackling life’s difficulties head-on. Providing inspiration to all on how seeming insurmountable obstacles can be met and ultimately mastered.She is the International author of Life Through Sam’s Eyes – How our Blind Son Helped Us See.

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