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Magic tools to overcome bullying and other stressful stuff

An easy guide for teens and tweens to reclaim their self esteem and create an awesome life!

That you are misunderstood, maybe a little angry or a victim of life? Do you have a sense that there is some-one deep inside just longing to get out? This book has the magic tools to empower you for life! Light and easy to read, this book is designed to work through in sequence or choose the tools that work for you. It includes the opportunity to play with the ideas and practise with your mates, at school or at home. You become the teacher and show others that life is meant to be easy and fun!

This book will help you to:

  • Understand the simple secrets of how to attract great stuff – to be, do or have anything you choose!
  • Feel great about yourself, learn how special you really are and what wonderful things you have to offer
  • Load your toolkit to the brim with antidotes and pick-me-ups when you feel vulnerable or down
  • Build awesome relationships, make friends easily and truly connect to the people around you
  • Take control, feel happy and inspired – ready to take action and live life to the full!

About the Author

Ray & Maz Fellowes
Maz and Ray are passionate about helping people create happy and amazing lives. Maz is an experienced counsellor, workplace and life coach and has a Master of Education degree.She has always had a passion for natural therapies and a total belief that with a holistic approach we all have the capacity to realise our full potential. Her adult clients have achieved amazing results from participating in her empowerment-coaching program.

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