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Make Money From Art

A Memoir: Live the creative dream and get paid for it

Wake Up to your Creativity Every Day and Make a Living from it.

International artist, author, mentor and art teacher Jacqueline Coates, shares her inspiring journey of leaving the corporate world to follow her dream of becoming a successful artist.

From single to single mother, corporate to country. Jacqueline tells how she juggled single motherhood and established herself as an artist.

From a small country town in the Barossa she made a name for herself with her floral paintings and then moved on to become a globally recognised art teacher.

Be inspired by this entertaining memoir that is peppered with practical ideas and tips for making money from art. Learn how to make money from your passion today!

Through Jacqueline’s story you’ll learn:

  • How to Take a Creative Leap of Faith and Hit the Ground Running
  • How to Create a Distinctive body of Art that Sells
  • Tips to Adjust to Change and Live like a Thriving Artist
  • Smart Ways to Create a Global Business from your Kitchen Table
  • Ways to Become an Overnight Success and then 10X it
  • How to Give yourself Permission to Be and Create
  • To Discover Anything is Possible with the Right Mentor

About the Author

Jacqueline Coates
Author, entrepreneur, artist, art educator and mentor, and award winning advertising professional.She earned her Graphics Communications degree with distinctions from Monash University formally Chisholm Institute of Technology, and her Fine Arts degree with distinctions focusing on painting and drawing from the College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales. With her formal education and natural talent, she went on to build successful careers in advertising and fine art.

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