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Mumpreneurs Online Exposed

From Frustration to Freedom: A Complete Guide to Becoming and Online Success and Creating Your Ultimate Family Friendly Lifestyle

How Ordinary Women Are Achieving Extraordinary Success Online – And How You Can Too!

Don’t put this book down if you truly want to be inspired and taken step-by step through the process of launching your own Internet business from the comfort (and sometimes chaos!) of home. Author Fiona Lewis has written from a modern day woman’s perspective and solves the dilemma of how to work AND raise children whilst remaining sane. Jam-packed with real advice, this book could well become the best friend you’ve been waiting for.

Inside you’ll discover:

  • Why the Internet is the fastest, cheapest and least risky way of making extra income streams
  • 10 proven e-business models you could use to create financial security from the comfort of your own home
  • Highly successful ‘mumpreneurs’ insider secrets to help you on your way
  • How to recognise self-limiting thought patterns and change them into self-empowering beliefs that will pave the road to success
  • Practical ways to balance your work and family life
  • Time management and coping strategies to keep you on track
  • How to avoid costly mistakes that set you back and leave you feeling disillusioned and frustrated… plus much, much more

About the Author

Fiona Lewis
Fiona Lewis is a highly successful internet marketer and founder of Mumpreneurs Online. Coming from a teaching background, Fiona took a giant leap of faith in leaving proven job security to pursue a career in Internet Marketing.

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