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Out of the Box Learners

A Quick Start Guide To Helping Children With Learning Challenges

Shining a Light on Learning Challenges

If you have ever dreamed of a better life for you and your child, Out Of The Box Learners will show you how to achieve extraordinary results with this simple and easy-to-follow guide. International author, mother, home-schooler, songwriter and businesswoman Fiona Caruso will give you quick tips and tricks on how to transform your child’s future and give them a chance to shine. This book is essential for anyone with children.

This book will show you:

  • How to better understand your child’s learning challenges
  • Powerful and essential tips for supporting yourself and your child
  • Key skills for better communication with your child
  • How to improve your child’s focus
  • Tips and secrets for creating fun learning activities
  • That you don’t need to be a school teacher to help your child to learn
  • The essential list of professionals and how they can help

About the Author

Fiona Caruso
Fiona Caruso is an author, mother, home-schooler, journalist, record company director, songwriter and real estate business consultant.She started her professional life as a journalist trainee and radio presenter before quickly moving on to becoming a sound technician and a member of the outside broadcast crew for ABC Perth TV and News.

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