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Practical Tips for Back Surgery

From Preparation to Recovery – (OR How to Get Your Undies On When You Can’t Reach Your Feet!)

A must read for those having back surgery!

Jackie Tallentyre, International Speaker, Trainer and Author, uses her own experience, and that of others who have been through back surgery, to create an amusing, easy to read and practical guide of what to expect and how to handle the everyday challenges that arise from the surgery.

You’ll learn:

  • A simple and non invasive technique to assist with pain management
  • Easy steps to prepare for surgery
  • Tips to make your stay in hospital as comfortable as possible
  • Tips to make your stay in hospital as short as possible
  • Which vital items to have on hand when you return home
  • Some home truths about physio and rehab
  • Whether you should be sitting, lying down or walking around
  • The 4 essential things you need to know if you have to fly

About the Author

Jackie Tallentyre
Jackie is an author, consultant, businesswoman, mother and, above all else, an educator.Her careers have been many and varied, ranging from corporate to small business, teaching to university lecturing, consulting, coaching and public speaking.

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