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Secrets to Communicate & Empower

Become an Authentic Leader that People Value, Trust and Respect

Secrets to Communicate and Empower

Leading International Authentic Communication Expert, Author, Entrepreneur, Educator and Coach, Ella Kushnir, through interviews with Master Communicators, Dr John Demartini, Joe Abraham, Dr Robyn Lui, Kerwin Rae, Darren Stephens, Emily Gower and others, brings forward insights & guarded secrets, exact processes and a wealth of knowledge that they have used to successfully guide thousands of people internationally towards greater success and financial freedom.

Learn these secrets of effective communication:

  • 7 Proven Steps to becoming an Influential Communicator
  • How to Create Powerful Business and Personal Relationships
  • Ways to Massively Increase Confidence in Dealing with Any Situation
  • How to Keep Going when Times/Life Gets Tough
  • Become an Authentic Leader that People Value, Trust and Respect
  • Improve Decision Making Abilities
  • How to Use Your Communication to build trust, positively influence others and achieve win/win results

About the Author

Ella Kushnir
Ella Kushnir is an authentic communication expert, entrepreneur, author, master coach and trainer, business consultant, and feng shui practitioner.Ella is a successful entrepreneur, businesswoman and author. Ella started work at the age of 17, handling millions of dollars daily while working in the financial industry. At the age of 23 Ella decided to build her own business with her then husband, which in the third year of its operation was turning over $1.5 million per year.

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