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Simple Truths

Moving Beyond Humanity’s Status Quo…

The patterns we house, repeat time after time, keeping us disconnected from our true selves, whilst the choices we make impact on all those around us. What if we accept ourselves, let go of the past, take responsibility for our sustainable health and live as we would love NOW?
Would our next generation benefit at the very start of their lives? What contribution will you make to herald in the children of tomorrow?
Easy, practical advice, sharing golden rules and simple truths for ultimate health before birthing the next generation and beyond…

You’ll learn:

  • Why myths and stories are just that
  • That you already have what you need
  • What creates reality and who is in charge
  • 5 key elements to create a peaceful mind
  • Who to listen to, what to look out for
  • 5 golden rules to superb vitality
  • When the impossible is possible…

About the Author

Sandy Simmon
Author, Educator, Practitioner, and Medical MysticSandy Simmons has traveled a personal and professional journey that has taught her how to nurture the seeds of change in herself and others. Author, educator, practitioner, and medical mystic, Sandy uses her unique talents to inspire compassionate awareness and loving-kindness in everyone her message reaches.

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