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Speak Positively

Manifest What You Really Want by Saying What You Really Mean

Understand the Real Impact of the Words you Speak…

With over 30 years experience, international author, speaker, presenter, business owner, self-awareness coach and mentor, Jan Henderson highlights the impact of negative language inherent in our everyday speech. We’re bombarded by it daily in movies, television and news media and in our own interpersonal communication. Jan’s expertise in language patterns demonstrates how this negative language impacts our physiology and gives us the opposite of what we really/truly want. Speaking consciously changes everything! How we stand, how we interact, how we view life and others, and even how we are perceived. Speaking positively changes it all, our awareness and behaviours, and it also empowers us to manifest the beautiful life we want/desire to live.

You’ll learn:

  • The keys to SUCCESS over FAILURE
  • How what you say manifests HEALTH or DISEASE
  • The secrets to SELF-ESTEEM over SELF-HARM
  • How to be a LEADER instead of a FOLLOWER
  • How to be a HERO not a VICTIM
  • How TRUTH is more powerful than LIES
  • Why LOVE conquers HATE

About the Author

Jan Henderson
A self-awareness coach and mentor Jan Henderson is a self-awareness coach and mentor who supports people in overcoming challenges to reach their full potential. Those challenges can include day-to-day anxiety, stress, depression or ill health.

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