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The 7 Supply Chain Keys

Do these … to ensure Outstanding Supply Chain Performance

You may be new to Supply Chain or have been working in Supply Chain and Logistics for many years. Having worked with hundreds of businesses across 22 countries, I’ve see the same mistakes being made time and time again. You don’t need to make them. In this book I highlight 7 key areas for you to make massive improvements in your Supply Chain. And none of it is Rocket Science!

You’ll learn:

  • That developing a really well focused and clearly understood Supply Chain strategy is not only essential, but easy.
  • How critical the right customer service policy is, to the structure, processes and costs in your Supply Chain.
  • That Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) is not some costly black art, but a simple and very effective communication discipline.
  • That your Supply Chain network is built on simple logic not the rise and fall in property prices!
  • That Outsourcing if done well can really boost your business. Done badly it can kill it!
  • That full trucks and full warehouses, is a good thing….. generally.
  • That what you measure, gets managed. And the right way to measure performance.

About the Author

Rob O’Byrne
Rob was born in Jersey in the UK, was educated at Cranfield University in the UK and moved to Australia in 1993. He became a proud Australian citizen in 1997 (and yes, he cheers for Australia at the cricket).

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