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The Amputee Coach

Empowering AMPUTEES to: Walk Well, be fit and enjoy life

Written specifically for YOU by one of Australia’s leading amputee physiotherapists, this unique book looks not only at exercises for your physical health, but also the essentials for your mental and emotional wellbeing.
The information is practical and easy to use. It includes photographs of exercises and “Action Steps” that will teach you the skills and strategies to live a long and healthy life with an amputation – no matter what your age or amputation level.

You’ll discover:

  • How to improve YOUR balance & become more confident
  • The keys to start doing the things YOU used to do
  • How YOU can exercise safely & effectively at home
  • Tips & tricks to improving YOUR mindset & enjoying life
  • How YOU can walk better & have more energy
  • INSPIRING Stories of Amputees – which will help YOU see that while the road at times may seem difficult, YOU are not alone

The Amputee Coach is so much more than a book. It is a step-by-step guide which is creating a community of amputees empowered to keep moving & enjoy life to the full.

About the Author

Sandra McFaul
Physiotherapist – Back & Neck Pain Coach, Author and Business OwnerSandra McFaul Physiotherapist – Back & Neck Pain Coach, Author and Business Owner Sandra is passionate about empowering people in all aspects of their life – physical, mental and emotional.

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