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The Kiss of Life

Discover How to Resuscitate Your Relationship and Revive Your Love

Experiencing Disconnection and Frustration in Your Relationship?

Are You Serious About Achieving More Understanding and Improving Your Relationship? Denee Walker is familiar with a long-term relationship and the challenges it can present. She has a passionate concern for people achieving mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health for their own benefit and to make the fabric of society strong. The purpose of this book is to help you learn to take your relationship to a more meaningful level.

You’ll discover:

  • How to create more awareness of the causes of relationship difficulties
  • How to become more personally empowered in your relationship
  • How to explore the significance of differing personalities in your relationship
  • Methods to develop helping yourself and utilizing other sources of help
  • Useful strategies to resuscitate and transform your relationship
  • Skills to give you a vision of hope to improve your relationship
  • How to equip yourself to receive the love, understanding and acknowledgement you crave and need

About the Author

Denee Walker
Denee is passionate about people achieving mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health; enjoying an abundant life; receiving and giving love; establishing healthy relationships and realizingtheir personal potential. She finds it disturbing how the breakdown of relationships, the family unit and the traditional beliefsystems are having a destructive effect on society as they have always been the cement to hold society together.

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