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The Sentient Pathway

The #1 Guide to Developing Your Intuition, Giving You Power, Clarity and Confidence

Your Intuition Guided You Here

International authors, psychics, healers, teachers and founders of The College of Intuition, Kim and Ben Sowter, share over 30 years of experience teaching people how to identify and trust their innate intuitive ability.

This book reveals how unhappiness, lack of direction and purpose are all symptoms of living your life with the logical mind, disconnected from your intuitive self. The Sentient Pathway is a journey that reconnects and integrates your intuitive ability, to reveal your purpose, attract meaningful relationships and create opportunities to live a fulfilling life.

You’ll learn:

  • How your intuition led you to this very moment
  • How to discover the human body beyond the physical
  • The power of knowing what is right for you and learning to say No
  • Breakthrough techniques to activate the higher truth of self-identity
  • The secrets to manifesting goals and living your dream life
  • How to use your inner GPS to live a life free from painful and costly mistakes
  • How to live a life of heightened intuition with grace and Fulfilment

About the Author

Ben & Kim Sowter
Ben is an author, psychic, medium, sound healer and medical intuitive. Kim is an author, entrepreneur, medium and clairvoyant.

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