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Unleash Your Money Mojo

Breakthrough Strategies for a Millionaire Mindset

Discover Powerful Secrets to Expand Your Mind & Think Like a Millionaire

What would your life look like if you took positive and decisive action at every opportunity? Pim Stort explains in down-to-earth terms what has been holding you back. Become an expert in planning and implementing definitive strategies to create the successful and rewarding future you’ve dreamed of.

In this book you’ll discover:

  • the power of your subconscious mind and how to control it
  • how to identify your attitudes to money and upgrade them
  • the golden rules to creating substantial prosperity
  • how to take clear and definite action in any situation
  • the essential qualities needed to become a millionaire
  • how to ignite your money mojo and live an extraordinary life
  • how to smash through your limiting beliefs around creating significant wealth

About the Author

Pim Stort
Dynamic speaker, Master NLP Practitioner and Results CoachPim was born in Holland in 1959 and immigrated to Australia with his parents when he was just 3 months old. He lived in Sydney’s northern suburbs as a boy and moved to Ballina when his parents bought a motel in the picturesque part of the north coast of NSW. After completing high school he moved back to Sydney to attend the University of NSW where he completed a Bachelor of Science Degree in physics and a Diploma in Education.

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