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Unzip Your Sexual Attraction

7 Critical Keys to Increasing Your Confidence, Charisma and Success

From Ordinary to Extraordinary

After 30 years of listening to other people’s most intimate and self-doubting secrets, author Pauline Allen has created an incisive and informative book about the things we all share, and what each of us struggle with, as we aspire to be more sexually attractive.

Allen from a life time of experience has extracted the 7 critical keys that come up again and again and that make up the bedrock of this elusive 6th sense.

It is essential reading for those who are ready to step-up from ordinary to extraordinary and gain lifelong success. This book will show you that everything you do in life is by choice and it will give you the edge and building blocks to achieve your Ultimate Sexual Attraction and the benefits and success that comes along with it!

You’ll learn:

  • How to Increase your Sexual Attraction 1000%
  • Secrets to the Art of Seduction
  • How to Switch on your Mind to Life’s Opportunities
  • How to Look like a Movie Star and have Everyone Spellbound by You
  • How to Understand and Build Personal Confidence
  • How to Overcome Uncertainty, Hesitation and Fear
  • Tips, Tools and Strategies to Immediately Increase Your Success

About the Author

Pauline Allen
Author, Entrepreneur, Beauty Therapist, World TravelerPauline is an international author, entrepreneur, beauty therapist and world traveller.

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