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13th July 2024
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Aim books with andrew carter author

Andrew Carter

CEO Global Publishing Group
Publisher, Best Selling Author, Aviator, Philanthropist

For the last 15 years my company has been able to help people like you to dramatically stand out amongst their competition, build massive trust and credibility and attract far more business, with content you can create in less than half a day.

On this FREE webinar I can show you exactly how quickly and easily that can be done.

WARNING: Using the New AI Tools?

I also cover how some use of common AI platforms has severely damaged some businesses and how you can avoid that happening to you.

I will show you what you can use and how to make a massive difference for you.

Just register and select one of the available dates for this FREE online, highly informative tutorial, that is simply not available anywhere else.

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Free Gift When You Register

When you attend the webinar, I will also send you an electronic copy of my book “Authority Influencer Marketing” to assist business owners.

The physical copy retails in book stores for $29.95 but I will give you this FREE just for attending the webinar.

Guarantee 100% satisfaction

My Personal Guarantee

I know a lot of people make big claims, none of which they can substantiate, leaving people like you and I sceptical, especially as if something seems too good to be true it often is – but after doing this for 15 years and continually generating sensational results – I can assure you that this can easily work for you – in fact I stake my reputation on it.

Here are what our clients say about us

This one strategy is what I used to build my entire business empire.
Konrad Bobilak
Investors Prime Real Estate
An incredible marketing tool that allowed me to make tens of thousands of dollars BEFORE it was even created.
Sharon Jurd
SJ Events, Coaching, Awards, and Director of Hyrdokleen Franchising
Using the strategy shown in this book, I took half a day to create the marketing tool that has since generated almost $600,000!
Ian Marsh
Serial Entrepreneur & Business Coach
Using this one simple marketing tool meant my business stood out from all of my competitors.
Jason Urbanowicz
Director of Create PT (Personal Trainer) Wealth
If you are serious and passionate about what you do and you want to reach the largest amount of people and help them, I recommend this. I was guided the entire way.
Jacqueline Coates
Artist and Art Tutor
Used this to build and grow the credibility and brand around the Country. Generated massive Free media exposure giving us opportunities that we could never have bought. Absolutely a triumph in terms of a commercial strategy.
Jason Smith
Founder of Back In Motion Health Group
The system, the process, is just priceless. It gave me confidence. The authority and prestige this has given me has opened so many doors, allowed me to travel overseas and meet and work with celebrities.
Suzzane McTier-Brown
International NLP coach of the year 2022

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